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Hi! Welcome to my hometown, Barcelona!

Hi! Welcome to my hometown, Barcelona!

“Barcelona is world-famous for its beautiful architecture” - anyone who has been here will tell you so. True. But there is much more…

People flock to Barcelona to see major landmarks, such as “Sagrada Familia” or “La Pedrera”, both by celebrated master architect Antoni Gaudí. Visitors love this city because of our fabulous weather and also because to them our way of life looks pretty relaxed and fun, which is also true. Our cuisine is world famous. Catalan food is Mediterranean style with a twist: here you can sample delicacies not to be found anywhere else, healthy and tasty, cooked with imagination and passion. A sign of how true all of these topics are is the sheer number of tourists that visit and expatriates who have chosen to come and live here.

Recent surveys point out that the Museum of Barça is the most popular amongst tourists. There is no museum like it, that’s why! The same could be said about the Picasso Museum, in the Old Town or the Fundació Miró, up on Montjuic Mountain – with breathtaking views over the Barcelona coastline… Barcelona is a city of culture as well as about having a good time, eating well and doing great shopping.

Walking through its different neighborhoods is to explore history, customs and rich traditions. Catalans are amiable people, and love to interact with foreigners. I make a point, in all my walking tours, to encourage that: forget about language barriers! There are none when you are really keen about learning and enjoying other people’s company - and if things come to the worst you know you can always rely on me for translating... Now, that will be fun!

Barcelona offers a great variety of venues and activities to experience, some are permanent, and some change with the passing of the seasons (in "news & events" you will be able to keep track of some). In other words, in this town there’s always something going on for everyone to enjoy!

My wish is to show you my beloved city the way I like to do to friends, with love and passion!