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BARCELONA from early days to present day

GRÀCIA. A town of gypsies, artists and a Viceroy


TASTS of Barcelona, a food tour



The Tours
 "The overwhelming majority of houses in Barcelona are beautiful, more so then in Florence" Francesco Guicciardini, Ambassador of Florence, 1511.

When I first visit a city, a place which is entirely new to me, I always make a point in engaging the services of a good local guide, so that he can show me around his hometown. You see, aside from historical facts and current local affairs, what I find most fascinanting is, learning from people's personal experiences and being able to really connect and appreciate their hometown the way they do. It's a labour of love, guiding. And I think this approach is fundamental if you - guide and client - really wish is to enjoy the experience to the fullest.

From the moment we meet, you and I are going to be friends: I will take you to places, show you venues, and we will do things together - all part of my life and my Barcelona - which you won't forget!

- I am responsable for guiding all tours.

- A minimum of two people is required in order to go on a tour and the maximum allowed is eighteen.

- All walking tours have the same cost.

-CONCIERGE Service included when you pre-book and pay in advance. CONCIERGE Service includes finding information especifically requested by the client: A choice hotel, a particular type of restaurant, about a particular event, show, exibition... and availability. Recommendations of any kind.

- Why CONCIERGE Service? I'm a local and I'm passionate about my home town - I make it my business to stay up to date with everything new happening in Barcelona! 

WARNING! Please, do NOT join, do NOT fall for any of the so-called free walking tours from freelance illegal tour guides. We all know this trend has become very popular all over Europe, especially in all the more famous tourist destinations. It's a trap: sooner or later you'll be expected to fork out a substantial tip. What's most damaging though, is the cost these unlawful practices have on the ever-so-regulated Tourist Industry: us, legal tour guides, have no protection against such conducts plus it hurts badly our honest way of making a proper living. Thank you very much, and enjoy your stay in Barcelona!