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barcelona and modernism tour


“Modernisme” is what the French referred to as New Style and the British as Art Nouveau. A totally new and revolutionary art concept and trend that swept across Europe and influenced and re-shaped the Arts, Literature and Architecture like no other movement had managed to do before. Catalan artists, Ramon Casas and Santiago Rusiñol gave new meaning to the art of painting, and architect Antoni Gaudí and Lluis Domenech I Montaner redefined modern architecture. Suddenly Barcelona lived its own Renaissance. It was a time of prosperity all over Europe and signs of this newly acquired wealth is what you see today in the fabulously designed houses of that period. 

This tour concentrates in areas of Barcelona where one can marvel at some of the most impressive Modernist architecture. During the tour you will have time to enjoy a great many of these lovely buildings and if you wish, I suggest we visit some of them.

Morning tours start no later then 10.30AM (you decide on the exact time), and run for approximately 4 (four) hours. The meeting place and starting point varies depending where you stay and wish to be picked up. Afternoon tours, start no later then 5PM.

- Cost of tour: Regardless of how many people join, the tour has a minimum price of 150 euros per tour. Groups consisting of 6 people or more the cost per person is 25 euros.