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barcelona from early days to present day

BARCELONA from early days to present day

Little remains of Barcino, the town ancient Romans build. However, if you pay attention and look closely, you’ll discover many signs of their presence here. Part of the old Roman wall can still be seen, the columns of an ancient temple still stand, and the rest is all safeguarded as part of a permanent collection at the Museum of History. Barcelona like all cities in Europe with a long and rich history has had to adapt to changes and constant transformations. Reinventing itself is exactly what Barcelona has been doing for the last 2000 years. Cosmopolitan is a word we tend to associate with modern city life and yet Cosmopolitan is what this town has been all along. 

During this tour you’ll be shown the Old Town; the Romanesque and Gothic churches and the medieval palaces. The ancient Jewish quarters are almost contemporary of the Roman days, that’s how long Jews have been part of our citizenship. And did you know that Barcelona has one of the oldest Synagogues in Europe? Tiny but certainly worth a visit. 

The XXI century has brought even more changes. Where an old relic of a city palace once proudly stood (and almost vanished), now a trendy restaurant, art gallery or museum has taken home. Artisans and artists, restaurateurs and locals, all are opening up new businesses and by doing so they are contributing to re-shape and liven up whole neighborhoods. You too are going to be part of this wonderful adventure just by joining and discovering with us treasures of the past and wonders of today. The tour (mostly on foot), will take you to “barris” of La Ribera, El Gòtic, el Raval and beach district of La Barceloneta. 

Morning tours start no later then 10.30AM (you decide on the exact time), and run for approximately 4 (four) hours. The meeting place and starting point varies depending where you stay and wish to be picked up. Afternoon tours start no later then 5PM.

- Regardless of how many people join, the tour has a minimum price of 150 euros per tour. Groups consisting of 6 people or more the cost per person is 25 euros.

BARCELONA from early days to present day