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gracia a town of gypsies artists and a viceroy

GRÀCIA. A town of gypsies, artists and a Viceroy

Once upon a time Gràcia could boast about being fully independent from Barcelona. Then, the old wall came down and the road that linked Old Barcelona with the quaint village of Gràcia, and beyond, turned into a beautiful boulevard, Passeig de Gràcia, and independence no more. Ok, the story is actually a little bit more complex than that… don’t worry, I’ll tell you all about it during our tour. 

Gràcia is the 6th district (out of 10) of Barcelona. Formerly an independent town, it became part of the big city toward the end of the XIX century. Nevertheless, and despite many changes over the years, Gràcia has always managed to retain its particular personality for this is one district in Barcelona (not the only one, mind you), that to this day goes out of its way to revive old customs, traditions and festivals - the hugely popular summer festival “les festes de Gràcia”, or “la festa de Sant Medir”, held in March, are now international events.

Walk with us and discover one of the oldest Gipsy neighborhoods in Barcelona. Learn about the life of the last Viceroy of Perú, or wander through one of the, arguably, prettiest food markets in Barcelona. By the way, Gràcia too has fine examples of Modernist architecture and I’ll make a point in showing you some of these.

The last ten years have turned Gràcia into a fashionable district. To live and work here is something many aspire to do. The atmosphere, ever so genuine, has attracted many artists as well as expats. In spite of the many changes and trying to keep a healthy balance between tradition and the new trends in living, somehow Gràcia always finds a way that satisfies most people. 

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GRÀCIA. A town of gypsies, artists and a Viceroy