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festes de santa eulalia co patron of barcelona

Festes de Santa Eulàlia, co-patron of Barcelona

This is the city’s biggest winter-time celebration honouring the co-patron Saint of Barcelona, Santa Eulàlia. Eulàlia was 13, when on February 12th in the year 303 she suffered martyrdom for refusing to give up her Christian faith. The festival of Santa Eulàlia, commonly known as “la Laia”, is thought up mainly for children, due to the fact that little Laia herself died as a child. With everything from street parades of giants and dragons, to traditional Catalan “sardanas” – the popular and medieval dance – to many more displays of celebrations. The festivity lasts for three days and, because it normally falls over weekends, crowds – families, mostly – are guaranteed. Included in the celebrations are a beautiful city-wide light & sound show, which consists of lighting up all major façades of buildings around Barcelona. Don’t miss this event!