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sant medir gracias sweet winter fair

Sant Medir, Gràcia's Sweet Winter Fair!
March the 3rd is a date everyone in the know will always make sure to highlights in his personal calendar. It's a not-to-be-missed event. At the strike of 8AM the first blast is heard. Cannons fire up into the sky. Imagine you lie in bed, counting... until all you hear is silence. But don't be fooled... Not much later, the sound of the first music bands are heard and by now everyone is ready... The parades are ready. Horses are restless and riders eager to start. So are the people crowding the horse-carriages. Huge bags of sweets at hand... here we go!... Sant Medir has started!
Don't miss this wonderful, colourful and unique Barcelona fair: it only happens once a year! Join my Gràcia tour in March.