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sant jordi

Sant Jordi

April 23, Roses & Books. 
You’re very fortunate to be here in Barcelona during the festivity of “Sant Jordi.” This is the day most of us, “barceloneses”, await for with relish. It matters little if it falls on a weekday or on a weekend; we are going to enjoy it no matter what! Streets are packed with people, all eager and anticipating the latest book releases, and, with luck, they might be able to catch a celebrity-writer or the most-loved writer (famous or not), signing copies of his or her books. Where there are books you can expect to find flower sellers. The star is the rose. Legend has it that it was customary, on this day, for gentlemen to buy roses for the loved ones, girl-friends or spouses, and in turn women would buy a book for her man. I know what you’re thinking… chauvinistic approach. You’re a right. Specially bearing in mind that it’s women who read the most, not men! Anyhow, if you want to have an argument about this or just wish to rest a bit… I suggest you do it in a nice bar or terrace, while you enjoy your “vermut” - the before-lunch refreshment and tapas.