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2017 international year for sustainable tourism and development

2017 International Year for Sustainable Tourism and Development.

The UN General Assembly has declared 2017 as the International Year for Sustainable Tourism for Development. The idea behind is to support Tourism and by doing so, make people aware of how important this industry is for mankind if we all act responsibly and with a clear mind.

All the various countries who have promoted this significant initiative, all members of the UN, understand how extraordinary the importance of Tourism is and how it affects our lives is – if we all look after and protect the richness of our cultural heritage, honour and celebrate the cultural diversity all around the Globe, so that people all over the world, can appreciate and take good care of this vast wealth which we all, fortunately, share. If we can understand the meaning of it, and work towards protecting and nurturing this wonderful treasure that is living in a world made up by so many different and unique cultures, if we look after our Nature the way we are supposed to, with love and respect, all these footprints will contribute to achieve more wealth and ultimately, world peace.

Three are the number of key subjects in Sustainable Tourism: a sound and fair economy, social awareness and protecting our enviroment.

How can a small tour operator such as Barcelona Sensations Exclusive Walking Tours, help towards contributing in making a positive difference in Sustainable Tourism?

Sustainable tourism for development, in my mind, means finding ways of promoting and helping our small local businesses. If purchasing souvenirs is part of your experience then shopping for good-quality souvenirs locally designed and manufactured, should be in your list. Sustainable tourism means buying quality food products from local delicatessen shops, and preferably produce from the local region. And while on the subject of food, a good way of helping out transforming tourism trends in big cities is by eating out at small local restaurants which have xefs and staff passionate about producing no nonsense, delicious local food. That is, in my mind, part of understanding sustainable tourism: support small local businesses!


Walking, rather than hopping on a bus or into a car, helps reduce the amount of harmful toxins derived from burning fossil fuels. Walking is healthy. Walking can be fun which means makes people happier. It is little things like that that are important to bear in mind if we wish to work for sustainable tourism not only during this 2017, but always!