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casa vicens opening soon

CASA VICENS, opening soon!
The extraordinary Casa Vicens, the odd-looking house designed by a very young Antoni Gaudí - he was only 30 at the time - in the heart of barri de Gràcia, will soon open to the general public. 
Originally designed and build for a wealthy tile-maker from Valencia, Mr. Vicens, the house has always remained off-limits: the only home designed by extraordinaire architect, Antoni Gaudí, that could be visited because all this time has remained in private hands. Until now. Or should I say, the new owners, the Mora banking family from Andorra, have decided to be generous and will allow us all to visit this magnificent property. For me this is wonderful news. Casa Vicens is one block away from my office. I have in the past visited the house, and I have to say, at the time I felt dissapointed. The family who bought the house from Mr, Vicens and lived there, never looked after the property the way it deserved. Now is different: after almost two years and over 4 Million euros invested, the house has recovered all its former glory and looks splendid! 
Do you care to visit? All you have to do is book a tour with me!