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sant medir the sweetest winter event in barcelona

SANT MEDIR, the "sweetest" winter event in Barcelona!
"Sant Medir" is the name of a Catalan saint but also, the name in short for referring to the "sweetest" festival in Barcelona; "les Festes de Sant Medir!"
Before Medir became saint he lived and worked as an humble farmer. The year was 303. Roman Emperor Diocletian ruled Europe with iron fist. During his reign Christians in Catalonia suffered terrible persecution. One particular Catalan native, Bishop Sever, decided to flee to Barcelona (Barcino, then). Not feeling save enough, with the Romans always tailing him, he decided instead to go on a pilgrimage to Sant Cugat, a village not far. There he met the farmer Medir. Medir was busy planting his beans...
Would you like to learn more about the legend of Sant Medir, and why this ever so popular event has turned into the sweetest thing in Barcelona? All you need to do is join one of my tours - on March 3rd, Sant Medir.